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China Gezhouba Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as

    About CEEC,China Gezhouba Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CGGC") affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council was founded in 1970 when all the elites in hydroelectric field came all over the nation to build the Gezhouba Hydroelectric Project. Thirty years' development has seen it grow into a colossal SOE. Its business scope includes infrastructure construction, investment, hydroelectrical works and highways as well as real estate.
    CGGC and its branches have proved contracting capability in hydroelectric works and other thirty fields. It is the main contractor of the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Project (hereinafter referred to as "TGP").
    It has also wholly or partially contracted and constructed over 100 large hydroelectric projects such as Gezhouba HPP, Xiluodu HPP, Xiangjiaba HPP, Jin anqiao HPP, Geheyan HPP, Shuibuya HPP, Ertan HPP, Manwan HPP, Jinghong HPP, Dachaoshan HPP, Xiaowan HPP, Longtan HPP, Jingping HPP I, Jingping HPP II, Gongboxia HPP and Laxiwa HPP and approximately 3000 nuclear power stations, thermal power stations, substation and transmission works, highways, railways, bridges, dikes, docks, ports, environment protection works, communication works and housing.
    CGGC was awarded approximately 70% of TGP and set a series of records in hydroelectric field such as diversion and river-closure, high rate and quality of concrete placement, blasting for demolishment of stage III concrete cofferdam, metal structure installation and electrical commissioning of double-way five-step shiplock